The Toniq Way

Decentralize Everything

We believe that trust-free applications are the future, where trust is inherently built into applications from the very first line of code

Infinite Infrastructure


Internet Computer allows us to develop highly available and scalable services. Welcome to the future!

Unstoppable Future

The blockchain allows us to develop applications that are free from corporate and government control, allowing for unstoppable usage and growth


What we're building

We are currently building our token platform Exponent which is the foundation of all our other projects. Exponent enhances the on-chain development experience through a variety of tooling. It can be easily compared to Enjin (ENJ) on Ethereum (ETH).

There are 3 main components of Exponent
  • EXT - the extendable token standard for the Internet Computer
  • Spatial- a headless-wallet for invisible token management
  • eDex protocol - built-in exchange protocol
  • Toniq SDK - tooling for developers

The largest and most trusted NFT marketplace and launchpad on the Internet Computer blockchain. Trade digital assets in a non-custodial manner without gas fees. Use our self-launch portal to generate, mint and launch your NFT collection.

  • Mint and launch NFT collections through our robust no-code self launch portal (coming soon)
  • Buy and sell NFTs without gas fees
  • Manage NFTs through our intuitive user interface

Our think tank and innovation hub. Epic NFTs was created to push the envelope on the Internet Computer via NFTs. We want to bring new and exciting software which anyone can use and implement. With so many possibilities around NFTs, we decided the best way forward was to just start building them.

Projects include:
  • Cross Platform Creator NFTs
  • Proof of Humanity NFTs
  • The Spider DAO
  • NFT Tickets / Proof of Attendance

Self custodial blockchain wallet for the Internet Computer. Provides basic token storage as well as minting and distribution.

  • Manage tokens, stake ICP and top off canisters
  • Used to login to applications on the Internet Computer
  • Create a wallet with Internet Identity, seed phrase, google, github, twitter or facebook.
  • Mint and distribute tokens directly in app
Warped Trillion Cycles logo

Wrapped Trillion Cycles

WTC utilize our Extendable Token Standard for DFINITY's Internet Computer allowing us to wrap native computation "cycles".

These cycles are pegged to 1XDR (approx. $1.44USD) making WTC a perfect stable coin, backed by actual computation.


Toniq Games

Cronic Critters

The first NFT on the Internet Computer. Mini-game ecosystem and play-to-earn economy: incorporates breeding, battle stats, wearables and more!

  • Collect your favourites
  • Breed new cronics
  • Customize your cronics appearance
  • Play mini-games to earn CRN
Rise of the Magni

A strategy game built directly on the Internet Computer. Rise of the Magni allows players to collect, trade and upgrade adorable looking heroes, named Magni, in a turn-based tactical game.

Based in the world of Tora, you are a young commander of a small regiment of Magni - can you rise through the ranks and defeat your foes at all costs?

about us

Meet Toniq Labs

Stephen Andrews

Stephen Andrews


Stephen is a senior developer with over ten years experience in web, mobile and blockchain development.

Bob Bodily

Bob Bodily, Phd


Bob leads product strategy around NFTs, DAOs, and P2E games. He has a PhD in Instructional Technology.

Steve Erickson

Steve Erickson


Steve is an ITS project leader experienced in marketing systems, development, and administration.

Max Ogles

Max Ogles


Max previously lead operations and product as an executive at, Banyan, and Mobile Coach.

Steve Erickson

Mac Yap

Lead Design

Mac is a professional designer and UI/UX expert, with experience in mobile and web design.